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This article will talk about Taobao cloth shoes and the corresponding knowledge points for online shopping of cloth shoes. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark this site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. Are the hand-painted canvas shoes on Taobao real? 2. What do old Beijing cloth shoes look like on Taobao?? 3. Are the high-top canvas shoes sold on Taobao solid rubber soles? Are there real hand-painted canvas shoes? There are genuine and non-genuine ones. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the results of targeted monitoring of online trading commodities in the second half of 2014. A total of 92 batches of samples were sampled in this monitoring, of which 54 batches of samples were authentic, with a genuine rate of 57%. There are generally more fakes on Taobao, so it is recommended not to buy them on Taobao. http:// Suggest an online store for you. Many of the very good styles are sold in counters. I bought a pair and it was very easy to wear. The easiest thing to distinguish between true and false is the price. According to common sense in the industry, if a new style sells for less than 30% off, 99% of it is fake. Now authentic Converse canvas shoes are generally between 200-300 yuan. If the online sale is less than 150 yuan, don’t worry about it, because few authentic dealers in the country can make money selling this price. A pair of old Beijing cloth shoes with more than a dozen yuan on Taobao at first glance?? 1. Very good. Tang Yixuan's old Beijing cloth shoes have many years of shoemaking craftsmanship. The shoes they make are very comfortable to wear and have soft soles. The price of Tang Yixuan's old Beijing cloth shoes is very cheap, about 15 yuan for a pair, which is very cost-effective and durable. 2. The best brand of old Beijing cloth shoes is *Neiliansheng*. Neiliansheng is a high-end shoe priced between 200-1200. Generally not many people buy it. The second is Buyuanxuan. The price is between 40-300. Buyuanxuan is also a time-honored brand, but it is only a mid-range shoe. Of course, Buyuanxuan is the one that is really worn, and the price is reasonable. 3. There will be no problem. If it is a general material, this is normal. If you want real leather, then the price is fine. Only then. 4. Good. quality. Buxuange old Beijing cloth shoes are of good quality and strong wear resistance. They are all made of high-quality materials, with good durability and long service life. price. The price of Buxuange old Beijing cloth shoes is cheap, 20 yuan, easy to use and not expensive, high in quality and low in price. 5. Choosing to buy old Beijing cloth shoes is very simple, just look at the workmanship, quality and price. Generally, the price of good quality will be more expensive, but it should not be too expensive. The high-top canvas shoes sold on Taobao have solid rubber soles, aren’t they all? Serious canvas shoes are sports shoes and must be solid. If it is made hollow, it cannot withstand jumping and running, and it will hurt your feet once you wear it. Espadrilles are a kind of shoes with thick rubber soles and canvas uppers that originated in Europe. Because of its lightness, durability and low price, it is welcomed by people all over the world. The most important thing is the only material of Converse canvas shoes. The real Converse canvas shoes are solid rubber soles, which are heavy. Fake Converse canvas shoes often consider the cost and do not use solid rubber. One is doped with some impurities inside, so Lighter in weight8. Weight The bottom of genuine vans shoes is made of solid rubber, while most of the bottom materials of imitations are not 100% rubber. It will also be relatively light, which can also be used when buying vans canvas shoes online. Converse soles are made of disposable raw rubber, the soles are strong and elastic, and the soles are not easy to wear even after wearing for a long time. Converse's shoes are pasted with natural and environmentally friendly glue, so the glue may open after wearing for a long time or incorrectly. This is the end of the introduction about Taobao cloth shoes and online shopping cloth shoes. Have you found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Taobao Cloth Shoes➣Online Shopping Cloth Shoes

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