Can online chatting show feelings? Can online chatting really show real feelings? Can online chatting express feelings?

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Hello everyone, today the editor has noticed a more interesting topic, which is about can online chatting express feelings? So the editor compiled a related introduction Can online chat talk about feelings? Answer, let us have a look together. Can online chat really talk about true feelings? Can online chat really talk about true feelings? Regarding this question, I think that if you want to chat with the opposite sex online, and the other party is willing to chat with you all the time, then the chances of two people chatting about their relationship are very high. Satisfied conditions: (found, willing to chat) Why do you say this? I analyze the following situations. 01. Those who chat online are usually lonely. Generally, such a person has no circle of friends and never takes an active part in it. Group activities, so her character is a bit withdrawn and out of gregarious. The pressure of work and the depression of life will make her have nothing to release. If she can't find a suitable person in reality, she can only rely on the Internet. She hopes to find someone to listen to her troubles in work and life and comfort her wounded heart. So if she finds it, she will be happy to share her mood and feelings with you, because what she needs at this time is a channel to vent. If you are willing to be her listener, a few words of comfort and concern at the right time will surely make her feel warm. Over time, she will gradually like the way of getting along with you, and will become dependent on you, and feelings will naturally sprout slowly. 02. Only the good side of the other party is found on the Internet. The Internet is virtual and ethereal. It is impossible to comprehensively analyze and understand what kind of person the other party is. In online chatting, in order to gain the favor of the other party, most people will make themselves polite, talented, and humorous. The perfect image of the other party will make you more tempted, and you feel secretly happy that you can find such an excellent person. But you never know what kind of person the other party is in private. Knowing a person can only be well understood through contact with his real work and life. For example, chatting with you online is a polite and upright gentleman, but in reality he may be a scoundrel full of bad words. 03. Chat online, speak freely. Some people have a defect that they are extremely nervous and stutter when facing strangers. But on the Internet, such a situation will be avoided. Online is not close contact, you can't see me, I can't see you, you can let go of your courage, and come with sweet words and squeeze your hands. Caring words of praise, humorous and light-hearted words, provocative words, continuous bombardment, no one will not like it, and will soon fall under his charm. Although you can talk about true feelings online, please remember that "the one with wings is not necessarily an angel, it may also be a birdman". It's really hard to tell the truth from the fake on the Internet. If you really have a crush on her, you can transfer to offline contact and development. Only through offline development can you get to know her better and comprehensively. Especially now that online scams are everywhere, you must be cautious, and don't be easily fascinated by the other party's few words, and even send money for the other party continuously, buy expensive gifts, etc. I hope you treat the feelings from online chatting rationally! So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's question about "Can I talk about feelings through online chat?" I hope that the 1-point answer about "Can I talk about feelings through online chat" will be useful to everyone.

Can online chatting show feelings? Can online chatting really show real feelings? Can online chatting express feelings?

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