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This article will tell you about account bank and the knowledge points corresponding to what the account bank number means. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don’t forget to bookmark This site. List of catalogs in this article: 1. ICBC paper silver trading rules 2. What does bank account type I, type II, and type III mean? 3. How to open a basic bank account for company registration 4. How the bank handles the account involved in the case. Differentiate ICBC paper silver trading rules Enter the precious metals trading interface and you can see ICBC paper silver two-way trading, this is the so-called short option. E-banking: 7:00 am on Monday to 4:00 am on Saturday. Business outlets: the actual business hours of each business outlet from Monday to Friday. In case of international market holidays or national statutory holidays, ICBC will suspend transactions. Short limit: Set a "short limit" for a sell-before-buy transaction. If the total amount of the customer's newly opened position and the existing sell-before-buy position is within the limit, the new position opening transaction can be carried out normally; If the limit is exceeded, the new opening transaction cannot be carried out. What does it mean for bank account Class I? Class II Class III? high account. Since there is no limit on the transaction amount, large consumption, savings deposits and investment and financial management can all be used smoothly. Class I accounts generally refer to the debit cards we commonly use now; they can deposit and withdraw cash, manage money, transfer money, pay bills, pay, etc., and there is no limit on the amount of use. Type 1 accounts are full-featured accounts, and common debit cards belong to Type I accounts; Type 3 accounts are virtual electronic accounts, which are added to the existing Type 1 accounts. Decreasing accounts. How to open a basic bank account for company registration A copy of the company's tax registration certificate (including national tax and local tax) (usually required by China Merchants Bank); house lease agreement (generally required by the basic account opening bank); other required certification documents. The process of opening a basic account: bring the materials to the target bank, fill out the account opening application form, and wait for the bank to open the account. The bank submits the information to the bank. After approval by the People's Bank of China, the account opening license and institution credit code certificate will be issued. Wait for the bank's notice to go to the branch to get the account opening permit and the institution's credit code certificate. The bank activates the account. To open a company account, you must first open a basic account, and you need an account opening license for the basic account to open a general account and a temporary account. When registering a company, you must open a basic bank account. What people usually call opening a bank account also refers to opening a "basic bank account". That is, the company's public account, the account name is the company name. Companies can buy checks, fill out cash checks and get cash. Remarks: The new version of the business license is exempt (organization code certificate, tax registration certificate). The process of opening a company’s basic account: prepare all the documents, all documents must be original and copy, must be the original, and if there is an annual inspection requirement, it must pass the annual inspection within the time limit. How to deal with the account bank involved in the case 1. If the bank card becomes the bank account of the account involved in the case, it is first necessary to take emergency measures immediately. The first step is to contact the bank in time to report the fraudulent use of the bank card and request to freeze the account. At the same time, it is also necessary to contact the relevant public security organs, report the case and provide relevant evidence materials to assist the public security organs in their investigation. 2. Legal analysis Account bank: The bank will freeze the bank card of the account involved in the case, and the cardholder cannot use the money in the bank card. 3. After the case has been handled by the public security organ, the property involved in the case will continue to be frozen. Normal property will be unfrozen, and the specific time is uncertain, and we need to wait for the results of the investigation by the public security organs. The difference between the first-level bank account and the second-level account 1. Different opening channels: the first-level account can only be opened by going to the branch of the bank with an ID card, while the second-level account can be opened directly through online banking, mobile banking and other channels stand. 2. There are differences in function and amount between the first-level bank account and the second-level bank account. The biggest difference between the two is that the second-level account cannot deposit and withdraw cash, and cannot transfer money to unbound accounts. The bank sets a daily payment limit of RMB 10,000 for Type II accounts. 3. Account balance There is no big difference in the balance between the first-class bank account and the second-class account, and there is no limit on the amount. The balance of the three types of bank accounts is limited to less than 2,000 yuan. There is no limit on the amount of use for a class of bank accounts with restrictions on use. 4. The difference between a first-class bank card and a second-class bank card. Type I account is a full-featured account, with functions of cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer, wealth management, bill payment, payment, etc.; Type II card is equivalent to a wallet, and its main functions are savings deposits, investment and wealth management, daily consumption, payment, etc. 5. The difference between a first-class bank card and a second-class bank card mainly lies in a first-class bank card, that is, a first-class settlement account, a full-featured account, and unlimited use range, usage limit, and account balance. 6. Account forms are different. Generally speaking, debit cards and savings passbooks are the main types of accounts in the first category; electronic accounts are the main types of accounts in the second and third categories. Therefore, there will still be a big difference in the form of accounts. The channels for issuing cards are different. That’s all for the introduction of account bank. 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Account bank➺What is the meaning of account bank number

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